May 23, 2020

Modern & Fresh Senior Portraits | Bonnie | Liberty HS

Bonnie wanted her senior portraits modern and fresh with a clean, urban look so we headed to the Dallas Arts District to capture some beautiful images of her and made some great memories along the way! Gosh, I love this girl, her smile, her laugh, her thoughtful and kind heart!

When asked what’s the best advice you’ve ever received Bonnie had two things to say.  First, “We will always get older, but that doesn’t mean we have to grow up.” My dad always says this when we tell him he’s acting like a “big kid.” And the second “You only need to worry about the things you can control.” I can get really anxious, so when I heard this it really resonated with me and calms me down when I’m overwhelmed.

Bonnie’s dream job would be…”Something that allows me to work with music or kids, or a job where I get to travel.” Bonnie loves kids and has been a nanny for a family and said “I will never be able to say goodbye to the kids I nanny and their parents! I love them!” The people Bonnie admires most in the world are her parents, her sister, her boyfriend and her close friends. “I love and admire them all!”

Bonnie and I both have a love and appreciation for capturing memories in pictures! She has an entire wall of her room dedicated to pictures she’s taken with family and friends she loves. It’s taken her over 2 years to complete, and she’s not finished yet!

When asked what is her biggest accomplishment so far, she said “Committing to taking zero hour classes (college class at 7:15) on top of my regular high school classes and a job everyday!” Bonnie will be heading to Texas State University in the fall.

“I’ve had such an amazing experience being a KPP role model. It’s meant so much to me to be a part of something that empowers young women and allows us to feel beautiful. I would recommend this to everyone!! At first I wasn’t comfortable in front of a camera, but working with Kristi made me feel confident and comfortable. I know this year hasn’t gone as expected, and we haven’t been able to do all that we planned, but I’ve enjoyed the experience so so much!” ~ Bonnie N.

Class of 2021! Don’t put off scheduling your senior portraits until it’s too late! Contact me today to book your own senior portrait experience!