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    Why have senior portraits taken? Your high school senior pictures are the very last professional pictures you will ever have of your childhood. This is it. It’s very likely that the next time you have your portraits taken, it will be on your wedding day. This is such an important time in your […]

Why have Senior Portraits taken?

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“Oh, I don’t want printed products…I only want the digitals.” I have heard this so many times and each time I silently cringe because I know that many of you will never, ever have your images printed…I know this because that was me prior to learning about photography, and now I’m sad to say but […]

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Wondering just what you can do with your images? Being a visual person myself, I need to see what a product actually looks like sometimes.  I’ve assembled a little guide to show you what some of the products I offer actually look like. Hopefully this will give a face to a name, but if you […]