August 31, 2019

It’s so important to PRINT those images!

“Oh, I don’t want printed products…I only want the digitals.”
I have heard this so many times and each time I silently cringe because I know that many of you will never, ever have your images printed…I know this because that was me prior to learning about photography, and now I’m sad to say but I can’t find some of the discs anywhere.

Let me assure you that the 2-4 hours I spend in the photoshoot, another 20-30 hours of culling and processing your images to perfection is not worth sitting on a flashdrive for years to come.
Please, please, please show off your images, choose a photography lab that specializes in imagery to print your images. Please don’t pay good money for such an amazing photographic experience along with high-quality images to only show them off on social media. You deserve to showcase those babies all day every day!

What I’m saying is that while I do know digitals are important and that is why I offer them in my collections, I also know how important it is to print your images as well.
…and might I tell you, I have some amazing high-quality print products to choose from…wink wink.

~ Custom Storybook Albums ~ These are completely customizable for you with many cover options to choose from to make it uniquely yours! You may even choose between Lustre or Deep Matte photographic papers as well as how the background of your pages look.



To customize your Storybook Album you may choose from different covers in assorted Fine Leathers, Suedes, Linens or Velvets. Make your album extra special with an Acrylic Cover or NEW custom Foil cover!

~ Custom Image Box ~ This is an alternative to an album. The Image Box comes with twenty 5 x7 Mounted Prints that store neatly in the beautiful box. You can also take images out and display them on an easel around your home or give one to a friend or loved one!


~ Gallery Wall Canvas ~ A Classic Heirloom


~ New Metal Prints ~ Can be hung on your wall or sit upon a table.


~ Acrylic Blocks ~

There are so many beautiful options to display your gorgeous images!! Please, Please don’t just post them to social media and then allow them to sit on your computer only to be lost or forgotten.