January 15, 2020

Senior Portraits Garden Style | Dallas / Frisco

So this year, I’m doing something a little different with my KPP 2020 Rolemodel team. Rather than doing just one big themed shoot with all of them, I decided to do several smaller ones with two or three of my girls at a time. I love the idea of putting the different themes together and although it’s LOT more work to pull together all the little details to do several different themes….I think it will be worth it!! First up, Seniors in the garden! Meet Avery and Sara, both seniors in Frisco, Texas. We went to my favorite Garden Center in Frisco, Shades of Green to capture the bright cheerful colors of Summer along with some gorgeous natural sunlight! I can’t get enough of the beautiful flowers and trees and enjoy gardening. It’s a really beautiful location and they have the absolute best selection of plants and a very knowledgeable and friendly staff! So you gardeners out there, go check them out!! Enjoy our senior portraits garden style!

And if you’re a senior looking to have your senior portraits taken, please get in touch with me! http://www.kristipennington.net/contact

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